Liiklus info Pirital


Lauri Ausi 20th memorial 

On Saturday, July 15th, the traffic management in the Pirita district will change due to the cycling competition!
The organizers ask all road users, both drivers and local Pirita residents, to be attentive to the following:

From 9am to 8pm, the Pirita-Kose-Kloostrimetsa circuit will be closed to vehicles and the number of lanes for traffic on Pirita tee is reduced (between Rummu tee and Kloostrimetsa tee).

When heading to the city center, we recommend using the route Pärnamäe tee – Narva mnt – Laagna tee instead of Pirita tee.

The TV tower can be reached from Pärnamäe tee.
Residents living along the Pirita-Kose-Kloostrimetsa circuit can only drive on the circuit counterclockwise and following the instructions of the traffic organizers.

Please take your time and be prepared for a waiting time of up to 10 minutes.


Thank you for your attention!