Lauri Aus Memorial GP

Lauri Aus 18th memorial. August 20th, 2021

Hello good friend of cycling,

Come join CFC Sports club and Mr. Jaan Kirsipuu to celebrate late Lauri Aus.
For the 18th time we are racing to honor one of the all-time best Estonian cyclists Lauri Aus.
Come and join us on Friday August 20th, in a race that is well known for its tremendous speed and competitive nature at Pirita-Kloostrimetsa 6 km race circuit.

Race centre is located next to Pirita Velodrome
(Rummu tee 3, 11911 Tallinn coordinates: 59.27465” N, 24.49559” E).
Length of the main race is 90km (15x6km) with 1 random intermediate sprint.
Best of Estonia and rest of the Baltic states will be there!

20.08.2021 Lauri Aus memorial program

10:00 Baltic Chain Tour starts
11:30 Last stage of TTP Youth tour starts
13.00 Race center opens for Lauri Aus memorial
13:00 – 14:00 License control and delivery of race numbers (90km main race)
14:00 – 17:00 registration and delivery of race numbers (54km public race)
14:00 – 16:30 registration and delivery of race numbers (kids and family ride)
14:00 – Meeting for team representatives (90km main race)

14:30 – Main race START for the 90 km (only riders with UCI compatible licenses)
16:45 – Kids ride START 200 m (family little ones)
17:00 Family ride START for 6 km
17:30 Public race START for 54 km

Registration to race and start fees

  • Registration to all the distances takes place via CFC Sportsclub email: until 18. august at  23:59.
  • Starting fees:

90 km main race                                 35 € 

54 km public race                               25 € (until 11.08.2020 at 23:59)
                                                                  30 € (until 18.08.2020 at 23:59)

                                                                   40 € (on race day/Race centre)

Family ride 6 km                                      Free (until 11.08.2020 at 23.59)

                                                                    5 € (on race day/ Race centre)

Kids ride 0,2 km                                   Free


Start fee(s) should be payed via bank transfer MTU Spordiklubi CFC bank account  EE182200221019982309.


  • Following positions and categories of 90 km main race will be rewarded with monetary awards as follows:
General classification Amount   Amount
Winner of intermediate sprint  1 100 € 5th place 50 €
6th place 40 €
Winner of the race 300 € 1st woman 100 €
2nd place 200 € 1st M Sport&SEN 1-4 100 €
3rd place 100 € 1st of MU23 category 100 €
4th place 60 € 1st U19 100 €
Total: 1 250 €

– 54 km public 3 best males and females of general classification will be rewarded with non-monetary awards.

– Award ceremonies will take place immediately after the race.

– All riders who qualified to awards must participate on award ceremony.


We would be honoured to see you on 20th of August in Pirita velodrome

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,

Kristian Randver

Race director – CFC sports club

+372 5558 4321